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Explore The Unburned Island at Your Own Risk

Some magic can have dangerous consequences.

Kiran, En and a team of magical investigators travel to an island to banish whatever haunts the old schoolhouse. It takes them no time to realize the building isn't the problem. The island is. As Kiran's power develops, she becomes a danger to herself and her team. Will they survive the Unburned Island?
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Grass rustled. Kiran stopped. A figure headed towards her. It jerked as though it wasn’t used to its body. The head turned at impossible angles. It twitched like the broken hands of a clock. It clicked as though each step snapped a bone.
Kiran spread her feet shoulder length apart. She made sure all the lines of her body were straight so power could flow freely. She lifted two fingers and drew a level one ward symbol—a circle with a simple X in the middle.

Nothing happened.

She tried level two— an X with a li…

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