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Read a Dark and Diverse Fantasy Novel, The Lost Sciell

It took almost 2 years and a lot of roadblocks but The Lost Sciell is here! Being poor without being homeless and then getting a job...I haven't had a lot of time to work on books. Then, social media marketing takes up a lot of bandwidth. I've thought of quitting a couple of times but what writer hasn't? I think with now 13 books, releasing them has been so ingrained in me that I can mostly run on autopilot. I'm working on fixing that.

I felt that much-needed spark while previewing the ebook. It looks like a real book! It's always exciting to see my stories that way. Will be even more exciting when the paperback version is done. Here's The Lost Sciell!

If you enjoy unique dark tales with a diverse cast, you’ll love The Merging Worlds series.

Darkness is stronger. Nights are longer. The world is crueler. The danger is closer. 
The Masters of Darkness are slowly turning Jael into a land filled with horrors. The air is poison to humans. Nature isn’t kind. Lifeblood…

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